Pro Tools User Certificate

This course focuses on the basic concepts and theory involved in using a digital audio workstation. Students will be able to set-up an Avid Pro Tools® session for recording, importing audio, editing, recording MIDI, backing-up data, working with fire wire drives, and more.

Forty lecture hours in total (16 hours on Pro Tools 101 and 24 hours on Pro tools 110), plus 8 exam review and testing hours. Note: An additional 4 hours of open lab time (non-proctored) will be available after each day from 6pm-10pm.

Completion of the course prepares students to take the Avid Pro Tools Certified User Exam.

Musicians Institute is an Official Avid Learning Partner


  • Getting to know Pro Tools
  • Creating your Pro Tools session
  • Instruments and MIDI recording
  • Importing media
  • Recording & editing vocals
  • Basic editing techniques
  • Introduction to mixing
  • Working with loops
  • Using plug-ins
  • Finalizing to burn audio CDs
Skill Level: Beginner
Course Length: 2 days (16 hours)
Next Course Dates: TBA
Course Times: Sat 9am-6pm
Location: MI Hollywood Campus, Room MI-102


  • Pro Tools I/0 Set Up Overview
  • Configuring & Routing MIDI
  • Pro Tools Hardware Settings
  • Using the Pro Tools Workspace Browser
  • Batch Importing
  • Recording MIDI & Audio
  • Loop Recording
  • Using Virtual Instruments
  • Working in Relative Timescale
  • Editing MIDI & Audio
  • Region Grouping & Looping
  • MIDI Properties
  • Using AudioSuite Plug-Ins
  • Intro to Beat Detective
  • Using the Plug-In Window
  • Using Sends & Returns
  • Understanding and Working with Automation
  • Using Time Based RTAS Plug-Ins
Skill Level: Intermediate
Course Length: 3 days (24 hours)
Next Course Dates: TBA
Course Times: Sat 9am-6pm
Location: MI Hollywood Campus, Room MI-102


  • Minimum Age Requirement: 16 years old (High School diploma/GED is not required)
  • No experience with Avid Pro Tools software is required
  • A working knowledge of Windows or Macintosh or operating systems
  • Basic audio recording and DAW knowledge, such as a familiarity with microphones, understanding of basic audio and MIDI recording techniques, knowledge of basic multi-track mixing concepts (such as setting levels and panning), and familiarity with digital audio equipment such as MIDI controllers and audio interfaces


1. Stereo Headphones (Student will need to bring to the first day of class):

  • Any brand
  • ¼” plug


  • $995 as a discounted rate.
  • Avid Pro Tools 101 and 110 books are included in the rate.
  • Cash only. Not eligible for financial aid. Must be pre-paid on the Thursday before the start of class.
  • $100 non-refundable “Application Fee”, which can be applied to the total cost.


  • Student will receive a guest pass upon arrival to campus.
  • Per Avid policy, books will be distributed during the first class.
  • Avid Pro Tools® 101 and 110 books are included in the 100 level rate.
  • Both the 101 and 110 exams must be passed with an 80% or above for student to receive his/her User Certification (Avid Policy).
  • Attendance will be taken since, per Avid policy, students need to take all lecture hours to qualify for the certification exams.
  • If a student misses a day, he or she will not be able to take the Certification exam. Student may re-enroll when the course comes around again, but must start at the beginning and pay full rate.
  • Certification courses are not accredited and cannot be used as a substitute for any of the Pro Tools courses held at the MI Campus.


6752 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028
In room MI-102 across from the Tech Office.


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