Pro Tools Operator Certificate

This course explores powerful Avid Pro Tools® editing and processing functions, including plug-ins, automation, synchronization, quantization, mastering and more.

Forty lecture hours in total (16 hours on Pro Tools 201 and 24 hours on Pro tools 210M), plus 8 exam review and testing hours.

Completion of the course prepares students to take the Avid Pro Tools Certified Operator Exam.

Please note: Student must own a Pro Tools compatible computer and will be required to purchase Pro Tools before class begins.

Musicians Institute is an Official Avid Learning Partner


  • Introducing Pro Tools HD
  • Customizing Pro Tools
  • Session Management
  • Converting Session Files
  • DigiBase Browser Overview
  • Selection Techniques
  • Editing
  • Using Strip Silence
  • Using Auto Fades
  • Automating Plug-Ins
  • Writing, Editing, and Suspending Automation
  • Mixing Preferences
  • Track Signal Flow
  • Inserts & Plug-Finishing the Session
  • Internal & External Mixdown
  • Digital Formats
  • Basic Concepts of Digital Audio
Skill Level: Advanced
Course Length: 2 days (16 hours)
Next Course Dates: TBA
Course Times: TBA
Location: Zoom Video conferencing


  • Interacting with External MIDI Devices
  • Using MIDI Beat Clock
  • Importing Data from Other Sessions
  • Click & Countoff Options When Tracking
  • Quick Punch
  • Comping Multiple Takes
  • Using Virtual Instruments
  • Composing in a MIDI Environment
  • Professional Editing Techniques
  • Loop Editing
  • Customizing Fades
  • In Depth Beat Detective
  • Editing Tempo
  • Sampling in Pro Tools
  • Customizing with Memory Locations
  • Using Sound Replacer
  • Arranging
  • In Depth Region Grouping & Looping
  • Mixing & Automation
  • External Layback
  • DSP Usage
  • Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts
Skill Level: Advanced II
Course Length: 3 days (24 hours)
Next Course Dates: TBA
Course Times: TBA
Review and Exam: TBA
Location: Zoom Video conferencing



  • Students must pass, or already have, the 101 & 110 User Certification in version 2020/2021 to enroll in the 201 & 210M Operator Certification course.

Minimum Age

  • 16 years old (High School diploma/GED is not required)


  • Basic computer knowledge including the ability to use a keyboard, mouse and an Apple or Windows based operating system.


1. Stereo Headphones or speakers to playback audio.

2. A Pro Tools compatible computer

3. A webcam or a laptop with a built in camera

4. Fast internet connection

5. Students must own a version of Pro Tools v. 2020/2021 or purchase a 1 month copy of Pro Tools from the Avid site beforehand.



  • $995 as a discounted rate.
  • Avid Pro Tools 201 and 210M eBooks are included in the rate.
  • Cash only. Not eligible for financial aid. Must be pre-paid on the Thursday before the start of class.
  • $100 non-refundable “Application Fee”, which can be applied to the total cost.


  • Per Avid policy, ebooks will be distributed before the first class.
  • Avid Pro Tools® 201 and 210M books are included in the 200 level rate.
  • Both the 201 & 210M exams must be passed with an 80% or above for student to receive his/her Operator Certification (Avid Policy).
  • Students must pass, or already have, the 101 & 110 User Certification in version 12 to enroll in the 201 & 210M Operator Certification course.
  • Attendance will be taken since, per Avid policy, students need to take all lecture hours to qualify for the certification exams.
  • If a student misses a day, he or she will not be able to take the Certification exam. Student may re-enroll when the course comes around again, but must start at the beginning and pay full rate.
  • Certification courses are not accredited and cannot be used as a substitute for any of the Pro Tools courses held at the MI Campus.


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